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April 27, 2020

7 DIY Construction Channels to Follow on Social Media


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Tired of paperwork?

The Do It Yourself market, expected to be worth $13.9 billion by 2021, is booming. Check out these 7 DIY construction channels to get inspired, learn something new, and get entertained. Let us know if you decide to practice any of these ideas in your own construction business. 

This Old House

Following: 1.37M Subscribers

Leading home improvement and renovation projects for 40 years, This Old House never gets old. Offering behind the scenes looks, full episodes of renovation projects, and posting new content every week, it is no wonder they’ve been in the DIY construction business for so long.

From the basics of using a chainsaw to installing wireless thermostats and building fireplace mantels, This Old House gives expert DIY construction advice and tutorials through their channel to construction enthusiasts. 

Lowe’s Home Improvement

Following: 828K Subscribers

A giant in the home improvement industry, Lowe’s Home Improvement channel is dedicated to offering how-to-videos and DIY construction projects you can easily follow. Whether you’re looking to freshen up your drywall repairing techniques or learn how to design the perfect landscape, surely, one of Lowe’s 985 videos has what you’re looking for. 

April Wilkerson

Following: 1.18M Subscribers

April is an authentic DIYer and WoodWorker. Impressively, she has no professional training in construction but has managed to teach herself how to make her dream construction projects come to life. While she started because it was a cheaper way of improving her home, she now has 285 DIY construction videos, even one where she builds her own workshop.


Following 72.8K Subscribers

At only 23 years old, Matt Panella has built up his construction channel to inspire every hands-on homeowner. With a love for wood, he documents new construction home builds from start to finish. Find DIY construction inspiration on how to build a custom home, a roof, and even a 10-day house build from the ground up.

Living Big in a Tiny House

Following: 3.13M Subscribers

Bryce from Living Big in a Tiny House is passionate about tiny homes, downsized designs, sustainable living, and DIY construction.  And he makes himself heard. With over 200 videos, he challenges his viewers to think about small space design. 

Bryce might be on to something - studies show that more and more people are embracing tiny house living due to lower utility costs and lifestyle improvements. Whether you want to challenge your team to build a tiny home out of shipping containers or you simply are curious, this channel is definitely worth a look.

Fix This Build That

Following: 523K Followers

Revolving around woodworking & DIY projects, Fix This Build That offers detailed DIY construction content for small projects. Find inspiration and top DIY construction tricks in installing wainscoting, renovating a kitchen, or remodeling a bathroom. With a large fan base and frequent construction content, finding video partnerships with big names like Home Depot on this channel is no surprise. 

Odell Complete Concrete

Following: 184K Subscribers

Based in California, no job is too small or too large for Odell Complete Concrete. You can find videos on home remolding, concrete work, block walls, stone walls, patios, and much more. With a passion for concrete, DIY construction projects on pouring a concrete driveway or a patio extension is only routine for Odell Complete Concrete DIY construction builders.

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