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February 13, 2023

Top 6 Best Time Card Apps for 2023


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Tired of paperwork?

Time card apps are important tools for small businesses as they help to accurately track employee hours, attendance and time-off. It can also help managers to manage their payroll and compliance with labor laws. With the abundance of mobile time card apps available, it can be challenging to determine which one would be the best fit for your business. It is important to take the time to review and compare the features of different apps to determine which one will meet the specific needs of your business. In this blog, we will be taking a closer look at the top 6 best time card apps, evaluating their features, and comparing them to help you determine which one would be the best fit for your business.

What are employee time card apps?

Employee time card apps, also known as digital time card app or online time card app, are software tools that help businesses track and manage the hours worked by their employees. These apps typically include features such as employee time card tracker, clock-in and clock-out functionality, shift scheduling, and reporting and analysis tools. These apps can be used to track hours worked, calculate payroll, and monitor compliance with labor laws. Employee time card apps can be used by businesses of all sizes and can be accessed from a computer or mobile device, making it easy for employees to clock in and out and for managers to view and approve time cards remotely.

Why your business needs a good time card app for employees

Having an efficient mobile time card app for your business is essential for accurate tracking of employee hours, calculating payroll, and monitoring compliance with labor laws. A good time card app can provide numerous benefits for your business, including:

Improved accuracy: Time card apps can help eliminate human error and ensure accurate tracking of employee hours.

Increased efficiency: Automated time tracking can save time and reduce administrative tasks for both employees and managers.

Better Payroll management: The data of employee hours and overtime can be integrated with payroll software, streamlining the process and reducing errors.

Better cost management: By having real-time data on employee hours, you can manage labor costs more effectively, identify areas of inefficiency, and make better-informed decisions.

Better compliance: Time card apps can help ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations, and provide accurate records in case of an audit.

Better communication: With the use of time card app, the management can communicate with the employees regarding their shift timings, overtime, and leaves.

Overall, a good time card app for employees can help your business operate more efficiently and effectively, while providing valuable insights into employee productivity and labor costs.

What’s the best app for time cards? 5 best time card apps for 2023


Atto Time card app is a great option for small businesses looking for an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for tracking employee time and work activity.


  • Clock-in and clock-out functionality: Employees can easily clock in and out from their mobile devices, and managers can view and approve time cards remotely.

  • Shift scheduling: Allows managers to schedule shifts for their employees and view the schedule in real-time.

  • Reporting and analysis tools: Provides managers with detailed reports on employee hours worked, payroll, and compliance with labor laws.

  • Location tracking: managers can track the real-time location and daily movements of their employees.

  • Instant notifications: Be informed of your team’s work activity with instant notifications..

  • All-In-One: Combining everything you need to manage your team’s time in one place.

Pros & Cons

Pros of Atto Time Card App:

  • Easy to use: Atto is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, requiring no technical knowledge.

  • Automation: Atto uses automation to save time and let your team focus on productive work.

  • Real-time updates: Provides managers with real-time updates on their entire team’s locations and daily movements, allowing them to stay in control of their employees in the field.

  • Reporting and analysis tools: Provides managers with detailed reports on employee hours worked, payroll, and compliance with labor laws.

  • All-in-one solution: Combines everything needed to manage a team's time in one place.

  • Economical Pricing: Atto offers flexible pricing options that can grow with your business. As your team expands, you can easily scale up your plan to accommodate more users.

Cons of Atto Time Card App:

  • Dependence on internet connection: The app requires an internet connection to function properly.

  • Limited customization: While the Atto time card app offers a variety of features, it may not be fully customizable to a business's specific needs. Some businesses may need more advanced reporting or integration options that are not currently available.

Pricing info & link to website

Choose Atto for a cost-effective and efficient solution for your small business, with a reasonable pricing plan of $7.95 per user per month for 1-99 users, including all services. For businesses with 100+ users, custom plans are available as well as all the features included in the premium package, plus more.


Clockify is a time tracking app that allows users to track and manage their time spent on different tasks and projects. It is available in both a free version and paid plans with additional features.


  • Automatic time tracking: Clockify allows you to automatically track time spent on different tasks or projects across different devices.

  • Timesheet: Clockify's timesheet function allows you to calculate total billable hours and to keep track of the hours worked by your team and bill your clients accordingly.

  • Reports: Clockify allows you to generate reports giving you insights into how you and your team are spending your time.

  • Dashboard: With Clockify, all your information is centralized in a easy-to-use dashboard, making it easy for you to see all the important information in one place.

  • Teams: Clockify allows you to manage and communicate with your employees by simply logging in to your dashboard where you can collaborate with everyone in your organization, assign tasks, and monitor progress.

Pros & Cons

Pros of Clockify:

  • Free to use for basic time tracking features.

  • Customizable reporting for easy analysis of time usage.

  • Centralized dashboard for easy access to all important information.

  • Efficient Team management capabilities for seamless collaboration within organization.

  • Available on multiple platforms, including web, mobile, desktop, and browser extension.

Cons of Clockify:

  • The free version has limited features, you need to pay for more comprehensive features.

  • Some users may find the interface less intuitive than other time tracking apps.

  • Limited integrations with other tools and software.

  • Some users may find the pricing for the paid plans to be on the higher side.

Pricing info & link to website

Clockify is a time tracking app that is free to use but with limited features. To access more comprehensive features, the app offers four pricing plans: Basic Administration for $3.99 per month, Standard Timesheeting & Billing for $5.49 per month, Pro Productivity & Profit for $7.99 per month, and Enterprise Control & Security for $11.99 per month. These prices are based on an annual billing cycle.


Buddy Punch is an online time tracking software that allows employees to clock in and out, track attendance, and manage time off requests. It also helps managers monitor overtime and ensure that labor laws are being followed. Overall, it is a useful tool for streamlining time tracking and keeping track of employee hours in real time.


  • Scheduling: Enables individuals to organize and plan their work schedule in an efficient manner.

  • Notification and Alerts: Facilitates the dissemination of important information and updates to users.

  • Punch Management: Provides the capability for users to easily add, edit, or remove punches from their time records.

  • Multiple Punch and Login Methods: Offers various methods for employees to clock in and out, including web portals, mobile applications, and time clock devices.

  • Time Card Approval: Facilitates the review and validation of time cards by managers or supervisors for the purpose of payroll processing.

  • Project and Job Tracking: Allows for the tracking and monitoring of time spent on different projects and job codes.

  • Attendance and Punctuality Monitoring: Ensures accountability and records attendance and punctuality of employees.

  • Payroll Streamlining: Simplifies the payroll process and reduces the likelihood of errors.

Pros & cons

Pros of BuddyPunch:

  • Easy to use: The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it accessible to all employees.

  • Time-saving: Eliminates manual time card entry, reducing the time and effort required to process payroll.

  • Accurate time tracking: The app uses GPS technology to ensure accurate time tracking and to prevent buddy punching.

  • Real-time monitoring: Allows managers and supervisors to monitor employee attendance and punctuality in real-time.

  • Streamlining payroll: Automates the process of payroll and reduces the likelihood of errors.

Cons of BuddyPunch:

  • Limited accessibility: If an employee does not have a device with a webcam or is unable to scan QR codes, they will not be able to clock in or out efficiently.

  • Potential for errors: If the QR code is not scanned properly, the employee may not be logged in or clocked in/out correctly.

  • Privacy concerns: Some employees may have concerns about their picture being taken and stored by the system,

  • Security Concerns: an employee may share the QR code with other people, which would allow them to clock in/out, this could be a security vulnerability.

Pricing info & link to website

BuddyPunch app offers three pricing plans for its time tracking and scheduling features: The Standard plan at $2.99 per user per month when billed annually, or $3.49 per user per month when billed monthly with a base fee of $19 per month, Pro plan at $3.99 per user per month when billed annually, or $4.49 per user per month when billed monthly with a base fee of $19 per month and the Enterprise plan which is the most comprehensive plan offered by BuddyPunch app and includes all features available in the Standard and Pro plans, as well as additional features. The pricing for the Enterprise plan is not specified on the website, and it's recommended to contact the company directly for pricing information and to discuss the specific needs of your business. They will provide you with a custom quote for the plan that fits your organization's requirements.

When I Work

When I Work is an online solution that offers integrated scheduling, team messaging and time tracking to manage the hourly workforce.


  • Employee Scheduling: Allows for easy scheduling of employee shifts, managing when and where staff works.

  • Employee Time Clock: Tracks employee attendance and activity, both on and off shift.

  • Timesheets: Automatically calculates and exports timesheets for payroll processing, with integrations available with most payroll providers.

  • Team Messaging: Facilitates communication with the entire team without compromising security or personal information. Features include the ability to send messages to all team members, conduct one-on-one communications, or start group chats.

Pros & cons

Pros of When I Work app:

  • Feature-rich, flexible, mobile-friendly platform: The app offers a range of features for employee scheduling, time tracking, and communication.

  • Modern and intuitive user interface: The app has a modern and easy-to-use design, making it accessible to all employees.

  • Open API: Allows users to share data with payroll, Point-of-Sale (POS), and other people management programs.

Cons of When I Work app:

  • Limited reporting and integrations: The app has relatively few reports and direct integrations with payroll and POS vendors.

  • Limited users and location coverage: The cheapest price only covers a single location and up to five users.

Pricing info & link to website

The When I Work app offers two monthly pricing plans for its scheduling features: the standard plan, priced at $2.50 per user, and the advanced plan, priced at $6.00 per user. An additional feature, "Time & Attendance" that comes with "On-Demand Pay" feature can be added to both plans, making the final pricing $4.00 for the standard plan and $8.00 for the advanced plan.


DeskTime is a computer tracking software that allows you to monitor employee activity on both PC and Mac by tracking the websites, programs, and applications used, and categorizing them as productive or unproductive.


  • Automatic Time Tracking: Automatically tracks all time spent across the organization, regardless of the app or device used.

  • URL and App Tracking: Allows for monitoring of URLs and apps employees use during work hours.

  • Document Title Tracking: Allows for tracking of specific tasks and how long they are worked on.

  • Idle Time Tracking: Allows for tracking of work time spent away from the computer.

  • Automatic Screenshots: Option to automatically take screenshots of employees' workstations, useful for managing remote teams.

  • Absence Calendar: Helps track paid and unpaid time off, business trips, and conference attendances.

Pros & cons

Pros of DeskTime:

  • Flexibility: DeskTime is compatible with a range of devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones, which makes it easy to use for employees and managers.

  • Productivity: Monitoring employee activities helps to identify unproductive activities during working hours, which can help managers to get a better understanding of how employees are spending their time.

  • Offline Time Tracking: DeskTime automatically starts when the computer is turned on and runs unobtrusively in the background, tracking time even when the user is away from their desk.

  • Customizable: DeskTime offers a range of settings and options that can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your organization. It allows managers to set up the software in a way that best suits their team's workflow, and can be adjusted as needed.

Cons of DeskTime:

  • Privacy concerns: Some employees may have concerns about their activities being monitored, which could lead to feelings of mistrust and discomfort.

  • Potential for micromanagement: Managers may use DeskTime to excessively monitor employee activities, which could lead to micromanagement and a lack of autonomy for employees.

  • Limited reporting and integrations: Some users may require more advanced reporting and integration options than DeskTime currently offers.

Pricing info & link to website

  • DeskTime Lite: This is a free plan that allows for tracking of 1 user only

  • Pro: This plan costs €6 per user per month and includes additional features and options.

  • Premium: This plan costs €9 per user per month and offers even more advanced features and options.

  • Enterprise: This plan costs €18 per user per month and is tailored for large organizations and businesses. It includes all features and options offered in the other plans, as well as additional support and customization options.


Paymo is a comprehensive work management tool for small-medium businesses and freelancers that allows for remote work. It includes features for project planning, team collaboration, resource scheduling, file proofing, time tracking, and project accounting.


  • Time tracking: Paymo allows for easy registration, monitoring, and analysis of all time spent on work-related tasks.

  • Kanban Board: Users can visually track the progress of tasks through various stages of a project using Paymo's Kanban Board feature.

  • Team Collaboration: Paymo facilitates collaboration among team members across different locations, with the ability to track time spent on each project in real-time.

  • Gantt Chart: Paymo's Gantt Chart feature assists in planning projects and tasks on a timeline, ensuring that deadlines are met.

  • Invoicing and Estimates: Paymo enables the creation of invoices, management of expenses, and automation of payments all through one convenient platform.

Pros & cons

Pros of Paymo:

  • Profitability tracking: Paymo allows businesses to track the profitability of their projects by monitoring expenses and revenues, giving them insight into the financial performance of their projects and helping them make informed business decisions

  • Easy to track efficiency: Paymo offers a feature that creates pie charts to visually represent the number of hours tracked per client, project, or user. This helps users to quickly understand where their time is being spent and make informed decisions about how to allocate resources more effectively.

  • Customizable: With Paymo's customizable timesheets, you can personalize the layout to fit your specific work style. This allows for a seamless time tracking experience that is tailored to your specific work habits and requirements.

Cons of Paymo:

  • Limited integrations: Some users may require more advanced integration options than Paymo currently offers.

  • Limited customization options: Some users may find that Paymo's features and settings cannot be fully customized to fit their specific business needs and processes.

  • Limited features for freelancers and very small teams: For very small teams with less than 5 users, Paymo may not be cost-effective or necessary.

Pricing info & link to website

Paymo offers several pricing plans for its time tracking and project management app. The pricing plans are based on the number of users and the features required.

  • The Free Plan: This basic plan is available for only a single user and includes basic time card app features.

  • The Starter Pack: This plan is available for up to 1 user and is priced at $5.95 per user per month.

  • The Small Office Pack: This plan is available for small teams and is priced at $11.95 per user per month.

  • The Business Pack: This plan is available for medium to large teams and is priced at $24.95 per user per month.

It's worth noting that the prices are based on monthly billing and differ when billed annually.

How to choose the right apps for time cards for your business?

Choosing a simple time card app for your business can be a difficult task, as there are many options available. Here are a few things to consider when making your decision:

  1. Features: Determine which features are important to you and your business, such as time tracking, payroll integration, and reporting.

  2. User-friendliness: Consider how easy the app is to use for both you and your employees.

  3. Security: Make sure the app has proper security measures in place to protect sensitive employee information.

  4. Integrations: Check if the app integrates with any other software you are currently using, such as payroll or accounting software.

  5. Support: Check if the app has a good customer support in case you have any issue.

  6. Price: Compare pricing models and choose the one that best suits your budget and business needs.

  7. Online or Offline: If your employees are working in areas with poor connectivity, consider an offline application.

  8. Mobile-friendly: if your employees are frequently on the move, consider a mobile time card app that can be used on smartphones and tablets as a time card scanner.

Ultimately, it's important to thoroughly research and test different options before making a decision.

What’s the best time card app for a small business?

Atto is the best and most effective time card software for small businesses, as it provides a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline and simplify the process of tracking employee time and work activity. As a time card system for small businesses, it enables managers and owners to easily generate accurate and timely timesheets, stay informed of their team's progress with instant notifications, and gain valuable insight into their employees' workdays. Additionally, as a free time card app for small business, it offers an all-in-one solution that combines all the necessary functions to manage a team's time in one place, while being intuitive and user-friendly, requiring no technical knowledge. The automation feature of Atto also helps save time and enables teams to focus on productive work.

Final points on top time card applications

In conclusion, time card apps are an indispensable asset for any company that aims to operate at peak efficiency. With a variety of features that aid in managing employee attendance, scheduling, and time spent on specific tasks, these applications can help optimize organizational performance. While many options exist, it is crucial to select the one that best aligns with your business' needs and style. Atto can be seen as the best time card app for small business’, as it offers the best features and most user-friendly interface. Investing in a time card app like Attos is a worthwhile decision that will pay off in the form of streamlined payroll processes, improved employee accountability and punctuality, and ultimately, increased profitability.


What is the best free time card app?

Attos Time Card App is one of the best free time card apps available. It is easy to use, customizable and provides accurate time tracking. It also offers features such as team activity, shift scheduling and GPS location tracking.

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