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May 13, 2020

Best Time Tracking Apps for iPhone in 2020


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Tired of paperwork?

Apps have become an essential part of our lives, they are in our phones, in our computers and for some even in our watches. We’ve grown to use apps for all of our mundane activities, from setting alarms that get us out of bed every morning up to relying on e-banking apps to keep our budget on track. Who doesn’t love the simplicity and functionality of apps, right? 

Apps are now being used not only for individual demands but for work and business purposes as well. Busy entrepreneurs are always on the go and appreciate the functionality of apps like Atto to keep track of projects and coordinate with their teams on important matters. From tracking the hours worked by your team to receive detailed reports on time spent on a project, time tracking apps undeniably save you time that can be dedicated elsewhere.

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Who uses iPhone time tracking apps?

Time tracking apps for iPhone are versatile and fit various business models and industries. Time tracking can help streamline processes of small and large businesses. Time tracking apps are useful for different industries, varying from cleaning services, construction, and landscaping to marketing and consultants. Whatever industry you are in - chances are you could make use of time tracking. 

If you find your company on the list of the industries, perhaps it is time to seriously consider giving time tracking a try in 2020:

  • Construction

  • Cleaning

  • Software Development

  • Plumbing

  • Landscaping

  • Home Repair 

  • Health Care / Home Health Care

What should I look for in time tracking apps for iPhone?

Remember to look for these features on your hunt for the best time tracking app:

  • Synchronization with other apps and devices

  • Meaningful data reports

  • A timer to track hours worked

  • Simple user interface

  • Suitable for iOS

These features should form the baseline of your go-to iPhone time tracking app. Granted, most apps will go beyond these features and offer simple and well-thought solutions for your time-tracking needs. 

As such, let’s explore the 4 time-tracking apps with the most promising features.

1. Atto

Suitable for iPhone and iPad.

Atto is a simple time tracking app designed to solve timesheets for small businesses. Atto lets business managers focus on real work by simplifying time tracking. With a focus on delivering few essential features that truly get the work done, its software turns time into powerful reports that give you insights on employee effectiveness.

Atto is praised for its location accuracy, efficient time tracking, and its simplicity. Happy customers, like Julia Conner from Pennprojects report on spending less time on timesheets due to the app’s automated features. She is also happy about the increased accuracy of payrolls, since “everyone is getting paid accurately for the hours they’ve worked.”

Let’s explore Atto’s key features:

2. Hours Time Tracking

Suitable for iPhone, Apple Watch, and Macbook

Hours Time Tracking is a time tracking app designed for small businesses and freelancers.This popular time tracking tool is known for its flexibility. In addition to the personal time tracking app, Hours offers a team tracking app where time tracking is run by timers and automated reports give you insight on what your team is busy with.

Let’s explore its’ key features:

  • Frictionless time tracking by running a list of timers for different projects

  • Customized invoicing editable every step of the way

  • Reporting with visualizations

  • Team time tracking 

  • Team reports

3. TSheets Time Tracker

Suitable for iPhone and iPad.

T sheets time tracker is designed for individuals and teams in an office or out in the field. The app offers time tracking from any device and you can get insights into employee payrolls by syncing the app with Quickbook solutions. 

Let’s explore its’ key features:

  • Crew time card app for you to clock individuals in and out

  • Project-specific time tracking

  • Notifications, reminders, and alerts

  • Timesheet signatures

  • Paid time off (PTO) tracking

  • Location tracking

4. Toggl

Suitable for iPhone and Desktop.

Toggl is a simple time tracking tool designed to help you track employee hours and productivity. Toggl reports shed light on employee productivity and let you identify areas of improvement. This popular cloud-based tracking app lacks location tracking, a feature well integrated in apps like Atto and HoursTracker.

Let’s explore its’ key features:

  • One-click timers to track an entry or continue a previous task

  • Tracking reminders when you forget to start or stop the timer

  • Integrates with over 100+ other apps

  • Exportable reports and time usage graphs

  • Manual time entries

The best time tracking apps for iPhone - The Bottom Line

It is up to you to decide which iPhone Time Tracking app is the best one. This entirely depends on your unique needs as a business leader, and your team’s unique needs in collaborating with you and one another. Prioritizing the features you need on the daily to keep your business going will help you find the right tool.

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