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December 6, 2019

Christmas Gifts for Coworkers That Will be Appreciated


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Tired of paperwork?

The holiday season is almost here, and we are getting excited to enter a new year filled with opportunities. However, before we enter a new set of resolutions, we have to go through one last struggle, GIFTS. 

Finding a Christmas gift that will be liked by a coworker or boss can be surprisingly difficult. In fact, it's a lot more difficult than finding gifts for family members and friends. After all, family members are much more understanding than coworkers - with whom you spend most of your days with. 

Fact: Did you know that the average American worker spends more time in the office with coworkers than in their house with family?

To help you solve this challenge with ease, we found a variety of items and placed them into categories that fit different types of personalities. Note that all of these products are hand-picked, and we have no affiliation with the brands. The evaluation criteria were thoughtfulness, usefulness, and appropriateness.

Anker USB C Hub


  • Price: Starting from $15
  • Coworker characteristics: “loves apple products”, “owns a modern laptop”, “charges phone on a laptop” 

Anker is one of the commercialized brands that produce affordable hardware technology to the general consumer. At a starting price of $30, the USB C Hub is designed to alleviate the pressure of anyone owning a modern laptop.

Bath and Body Works Home and Office Candles


  • Price: Starting from $14.50
  • Coworker characteristics: “organized and clean”, “calls out on people who have perfume on”, “has a flower on their work desk”
  • Gender: Male and female 

We all know how we feel when we walk into a Bath and Body Works shop. The products offered at this brand are magnetic. Everyone wants their living and working smell to look and smell like that. Therefore, we thought that a gift that could potentially be loved by coworkers is a candle from Bath and Body Works. In addition, assuming it's used in the office, everyone is going to benefit from this product. A friendlier, better smelling environment increases happiness, motivation, and consequently productivity.

Bondic Kit


  • Price: Starting from $19.99
  • Coworker characteristics: “artists”, “handyman”, “recently moved out”, “owns sunglasses”, “creators”
  • Gender: Primarily Male but could potentially work for females

Who would ever expect a modern age glue as a gift? Well, that's the beauty of it. The Bondic Kit is much different from any super glue that you have seen in the past. This tool can fix broken sunglass frames, refill holes, and help rebuild anything. If you have a handyman coworker than this gift would be a pleasant end-year surprise.

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer


  • Price: $10.99
  • Coworker characteristics: “coffee-lovers”, “complain about coffee going cold” 
  • Gender: Male and female 

Personalized coffee mugs have become too mainstream. The chances that such a gift was not given in the past are relatively low. Therefore, we dug a little deeper and found coffee mug warmers - which are little platforms that use electricity to heat up mugs. Imagine having such a gadget on your work desk that allows you to sip on your coffee for more than 30 minutes. Lovely, right?

Japanese Candy Box


  • Price: $19.90
  • Coworker characteristics: “enjoy new experiences”, “energetic”, “chocoholics”, “young and experimental”
  • Gender: Male and female 

International food is incredible but very few acknowledge this fact. As such, your gift could potentially brighten up a coworker's mind. The idea behind the consumption of foreign snacks became huge after various social media influencers started sharing their thoughts on them. The most popular snacks were those that came from Japan - such as Green Tea Kit Kats and Blueberry flavored Lays. In light of its popularity, having coworkers immerse in a cultural and relationship-building experience for Chrismas would definitively be fun.

MindPanda - Stress Relief Ball


  • Price: Starting from $17.92
  • Coworker characteristics: “easily stressed”, “has many responsibilities”, “fidgety” 
  • Gender: Male and female 

When stressed, people tend to crack their knuckles, bite their nails, play with hair or do some other activity that tends to be unhealthy. In such cases, it would be great to have a widget that would distract you from all the stress. Last year, we had the fidget spinner that grew to become the ultimate stress reliever. This year, we believe that stress balls have returned to the market, and people are loving them. The theory behind the stress ball is simple. When your hands are busy, so is your brain, channeling all the stress towards the physical object that your holding. A thoughtful gift that communicates care will always be received positively by a coworker. 

2020 Planner


  • Price: Starting from $17.92
  • Coworker characteristics: “well-organized”, “always excited about new year's resolutions”, “writes down daily activities” 
  • Gender: Male and female 

A planner, although a common gift, falls within the “recyclable” categories - meaning it can be gifted multiple times to a specific group of people. Those that would benefit the most from the planner are coworkers who are sharp, enjoy order and tend to loosely organize their days at the beginning of each week. Thus, if you have a coworker that fits these characteristics than we assure you that a planner is a perfect present. 

Netflix Gift Card


  • Price: Starting from $9
  • Coworker characteristics: “enjoys TV Shows”, “share an account with multiple people”, “spends little money on digital platforms” 
  • Gender: Male and female

As the holidays approach, Netflix and various other streaming platforms have started announcing some incredible holiday shows that will be launched by the end of the year. In light of the holiday spirit, a Netflix gift card doesn’t seem far-fetched, right? 

Jackery Portable Charger