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September 9, 2019

Finding a Good Time Tracking Software for Your Team


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Tired of paperwork?

Do I need a good time tracking solution? If yes, what features should I be looking into? Where do I do my research, and most importantly who do I trust?

In the competitive time tracking industry, a variety of solutions are available. From simple time and location tracking apps to those that include expense tracking, invoice automation, and even human resource management. 

But what would be ideal for your small or medium business?

The answers to those questions will be dependent on the nature of the business that you are currently operating. An agency would not necessarily require a mobile app that tracks the location of its employees since everyone is inside of the office; As such, a simple desktop time tracker with custom time sheets would suffice. However, a business, such as construction that is heavily reliant on remote workers and contractors can greatly benefit from a good time and location tracking software.

Getting started on a Good Time Tracking Software?

Billing per hour shouldn’t be something uncommon to any professional in the United States. The process of measuring the number of hours worked by an employee can be a tedious process that can take hours and sometimes days to complete. Historically, manual time tracking has been prone to timesheet misreads, omitted hours, and time theft. As a result, costing businesses up to 7% of their profits on a yearly basis.

Therefore, a higher degree of accuracy when tracking time can not only build trust among employees and clients but also decrease time theft as a behavior. As a business owner, being aware of how employees, managers, and third-party contractors spend their time during work hours can benefit decision-making tremendously. All of these benefits are possible under the umbrella of the right time tracking solution. So let's get started in identifying key components that make up a good time tracking software.

A Good Time Tracking Software is Accurate

Modern time tracking applications are automated and designed for accuracy. Using these digital time clocks, clock-in/out data cannot be influenced by the employee because it's controlled by the administrators of the app - usually business owners, accountants and possibly managers. More specifically, system administrators can detect when and from where the employees clocked in for work or out of work. As a result, they can act and prevent any time theft activity.

How do I know if the time tracker is accurate or not? 

A good time tracking solution has integrated time and location tracking features that allow for the recording of employee work hours, and their respective locations during work. Therefore, make sure that when you acquire a time tracking app, you subscribe to one which has both time and location tracking capabilities.

Many promise but few deliver. Always make sure that you are looking into customer reviews and update logs (if it includes a mobile app) to get some unbiased information on the time tracker.


To help you get started, there is only one app for which we can guarantee accuracy: Atto is a simple time and location tracking solution that is tailored for small and medium businesses looking to save money. Its modern algorithms allow for accurate time data and detailed timesheet reports. If you are looking for an appealing and easy-to-use software then Atto is your go-to time tracker.

A Good Time Tracking Solution is User-Friendly

When adopting a new system or procedure - such a time tracking - businesses fail to consider the usability or friendliness of the solution. However, it is important to recognize that the appeal and ease-of-use of the procedure are key to the success of any organizational change.

There are multiple ways to distinguish a user-friendly time tracking solution from a complicated one. Although most of the modern software are designed to be user-friendly, the market is filled with outdated time tracking software that you need to look out for. Poorly designed software can usually be spotted by scrolling through the feedback, news and screenshot section. An app that has received mediocre feedback has a poorly designed software and an overall inconsistent news feed is usually an app you don't want to pick. Design is one of these components which we have explained through the image below.


Opting for a user-friendly application will make the implementation of a time tracking system a lot smoother. Why not make the process easier by subscribing to a good time tracking software.

A Good Time Tracking Solution can Create Detailed and Accessible Reports

The icing on every time tracking cake is its timesheets. Using timesheet reports, administrators can easily see in-depth and actionable insights on their team’s work hours. Therefore, we highly suggest that you do some research with regard to the time trackers' ability to create detailed and accurate reports. 

Essentially, timesheet reports include regular time, overtime and paid time off (PTO). In terms of reviewing the data certain apps are a lot more flexible than others. While some offer a real-time overview of the data, others are limited to timesheet reports that can be extracted through the software. 

For the sake of keeping it simple, were going to use as an example again. As we have mentioned atto is a digital time tracker available across mobile devices that allows system administrators to not only have access on timesheet reports in their favorite formats (PDF and CSV) but also lets them preview the activity of the team in real-time.


We understand how hard it is to find a good time tracking solution; Hence, why we are here to help you in the process. Bear in mind that a good time tracking solution is one that measures work hours accurately, is relatively easy to use and delivers the data in an elegant matter. Although coined differently, good time tracking solutions are accurate, user-friendly and have the ability to create powerful reports for administrators to review.

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