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April 25, 2022

How a mobile time tracking can help your renovation business


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Tired of paperwork?

The main things that time tracking in a renovation business helps to do is to record billable hours and monitor key performance statistics. A time tracking solution is a great investment for a renovation business because it contributes to the business not losing money and guarantees high productivity. When a renovation business has well-performing projects, this will lead to high client satisfaction and subsequent business growth.

Why Should a Renovation Business Use a Mobile Time Tracking App?

Renovation and construction is a field that makes the daily life of other people better. However, beyond just the awesome homes and remarkable aesthetics that businesses in this field create, renovation entails a wide variety of tasks, many of which are not very easy to accomplish.

Other tasks do not happen in the field but are still essential to the business. These include business consulting, accounting, complying with local or federal permits, customer service, etc. Renovation businesses also need to make sure they are getting paid for their jobs and that they are working on profitable projects. All these tasks as a whole require a lot of work.

So what can a mobile time tracking app do for a renovation business to help with all of this work? 

Accurate Billing

A mobile time tracking app enables the workers in your renovation business to make automatic and accurate time entries of their hours worked. Everything is captured seamlessly while they work, creating an impeccable record of all work activities as your field workers move between clients and projects. Errors are erased by removing the need to remember tasks or set timers, and accurate billing of your clients is made 100% easier and possible.

Easier Project Management

With a mobile time tracking app, it becomes easier to effectively schedule your employees’ workload and plan project workflow. An effective time tracking solution can also process all of your project information to help you improve estimations and manage costs in real-time. Time tracking apps are becoming increasingly essential tools for improving project management in renovation businesses.

Boost Productivity

Redesigning, construction, updating fixtures fittings, and all the other field tasks in a renovation project already require so much effort. Taking off the added drudgery of administrative tasks like record keeping can help to boost the productivity of your workers. When they know that everything is being captured automatically (no need for clocks or timers!), it can do wonders to lock their productive focus.

Communicate Progress

Mobile time tracking apps make it simple for renovation businesses to lay down and implement a perfectly detailed schedule for workers, and thus, anyone can have a precise idea of how far along the projects are. These helpful reports of progress are ideal for sharing status updates with managers or your team (if necessary) or providing your clients with an itemized breakdown of exactly where their money has gone.

Understand Your Business Better

Understanding the capacity of your renovation business is the key to maintaining a healthy workload and gauging the sustainability of your business. A mobile time tracking app provides an easy way for you to monitor the performance and key metrics of your business in real-time. This will help you avoid biting more than you can chew and ensure that your employees are not working after their usual daily schedule—which will also reduce the amount of overtime you will have to pay. It will also enable you and other managers to coordinate and balance team efforts for current and future projects.

Increase Profitability

The real-time oversight that a mobile time tracking app gives you over all of your renovation projects helps you see which projects are getting too much and which ones are getting too little. Plus, using the records provided by the app, you can factor in project costs to the rates you will charge in the future. This way, issuing your client invoices will become a breeze.

Assess Client Value

An effective time tracking tool will afford your renovation business the ability to monitor the profitability of projects so you can work out which clients and individual projects actually bring in the cheese. It also helps you get a broad picture of which projects overrun their budgets so that processes and expectations can be revised with certain clients as well as in the future.

Keep Extensive Records

A mobile time tracking solution helps you capture an extensive range of tasks—even the ones that often go unreported like travel, meetings, etc. This ensures that you charge your clients all billable hours and provides you with a complete record of the work that goes into your business, enabling you to balance team priorities, improve internal processes, and efficiently manage overtime.

Calculate work rates

You become able to monitor overall costs and important metrics in your renovation business with a mobile time tracking app, further enabling you to stay on track with money and work hours. The rates you establish will be fair for your clients as well as profitable for your business.

With the right mobile time tracking app, you can execute remarkable renovation projects and help your renovation business grow exponentially. This is exactly why Atto is the best solution for you. Seamless time tracking and an easy-to-use interface make for a perfect user experience that will boost productivity and provide accurate accounting, just what your business needs. 

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