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November 4, 2019

Professional Case Management Software: Streamlining Workflow in Nonprofits


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Tired of paperwork?

Nonprofits are unique undertakings driven by altruistic leaders who share a goal of promoting change within a community. As such, you would expect leadership in a nonprofit to be relatively different from that of a for-profit business. And that is true, to a large extent, leadership in a nonprofit organization is faced with unique challenges that are different from those of the for-profits.

Operating a nonprofit organization is a challenging endeavor considering their limited access to human capital and financial resources. Work in this sector is demanding, and it requires a good leader to set forth internal practices and solid management principles that will guide the organization towards success.


Innovation and Productivity: A perpetual concern

In addition to funding challenges, we believe the main challenge for modern age nonprofits is innovation, and the utilization of that innovation to drive productivity.

The findings of The Nonprofit Financial Priorities Benchmark 2018 Survey show that issues pertaining to manual processes and outdated software fall within the top five challenges for nonprofits - alongside staffing, organizational growth & funding, and government regulations.

Often times, leaders turn to professional case management software to help them make informed decisions about the organization. Furthermore, data tracking and reporting capabilities are a great asset to have when trying to clearly communicate with stakeholders.

Now that we have established a connection between nonprofits and their need for case management software, let us explore the various types of tools and see what solutions are considered the best across those types.


Exploring professional case management software

Similar to most digital solutions, professional case management software differ in terms of functions, price, method of operating, licensing, storage technology and more. 

To begin with, nonprofits have to ask themselves the question, What am I looking to do with this management software?

Whether you are looking to monitor day-to-day functions, retain shareholder satisfaction, manage grant activity or track the productivity of staff members, there is a solution out there waiting for you.

However, how do you cut through the clutter to identify which tools are the best?

To save you time and effort, we have researched available tools and found three that we believe encompass all essential functionalities that a nonprofit needs. 

All-in-one management tools

All-in-one, also known as general management tools are solutions that track various operational aspects of a nonprofit. These tools play a vital role in determining how efficient a nonprofit is in utilizing its resources. 

For example, a nonprofit that spends countless hours preparing reports for shareholders will burn through cash much quicker than one which utilizes management tools to automate reporting. In a nutshell, case management software allows nonprofits to streamline client work and case handling using automation and data.

Specialized management tools

Different from the general management tools, specialized case management software look at ways to improve specific processes within the nonprofit. The different types of specialized management tools are:

  • Time management software
  • Grant management software, and
  • Member management software

Time Management Software: ATTO

Time management or time tracking software are no stranger to anyone. These tools help nonprofit organizations reduce administrative tasks and open-up time to focus on tasks that will ultimately secure funding, create a productive organizational culture, and achieve other high-priority goals.

Based on the American Payroll Association, employees are overpaid an average of 10 min/day, over 260 workdays/year - which is translated to annual losses of approximately $16,250.

In the case of a nonprofit, a loss of that amount is substantial; So, why not invest a moderate amount today and save nearly $16K tomorrow?

With the assistance of a time management software, nonprofits can monitor the work hours of every worker, volunteer or external partner across various cases and projects. The information generated by the software is translated into meaningful insights that executives can use to accurately evaluate the productivity of relevant actors while addressing the needs of shareholders at the same time.

If you are a nonprofit interested in learning more about ATTO and the discounts it offers than contact us. The standard business plan at ATTO, starts at $4/month per user.

Grant Management Software: NeonCRM

Grants are the main source of financing for nonprofit organizations. There are many processes revolving around grants that can consume countless hours for nonprofits. However, many nonprofits are unaware that processes like donor discovery & engagement, planning of events, and membership management can be automated with the help of the right tool.

To reduce the time spent on the above tasks, NeonCRM, a cloud-based nonprofit software is dedicated to increasing the impact of nonprofits with databases focused on people, not transactions. Regardless of size or industry, this CRM promises to assist organizations and associations find what they are looking for.

The basic package offered by NeonCRM is called Essentials Light that starts at $49/month, which includes email marketing, a fundraising module, reporting, and volunteer management. The other packages offer additional functionalities at a higher price.

Case Management Software: Social Solutions

Whether the organization is big or small, Social Solutions has a variety of tools tailored to empower every nonprofit. Apricot is the name of the product offered by Social Solutions that comes in different packages depending on the size of the organization. Each case management tool offers unique functionalities that are essential to the operations of a nonprofit.

On one hand, Apricot Essentials targets small nonprofits looking for reporting solutions, while on the other, Apricot core, dedicated to mid-sized nonprofits tries to measure productivity using features like volunteer management, client tracking, data validation, and reporting. 

The prices of these case management software vary depending on the product that you are interested in.

Starting off on the right foot with case management software

Running a nonprofit is a challenging task with great potential rewards. As the leader or executive of a nonprofit, it is your responsibility to optimize scarce resources to achieve optimal results for the organization, while at the same time creating a social impact on the community you're serving.

Innovation and technology should not be the barrier that stops the nonprofit from achieving its potential; On the contrary, they should provide the tools necessary to reach their potential. This is the reason why we have dedicated a blog to professional case management software, as we have come to understand that they are necessary for an organization’s success. A few of the solutions that we have highlighted are designed to help your organization drive an impact in the world.

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