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October 8, 2021

A simple solution to help with scheduling field service teams


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Tired of paperwork?

Those who work in the field often have a very full day of work in various locations with different tasks to complete. Since the typical day of a field service team can rarely be easily predicted, it can on the other hand be managed. 

Wondering what is the best solution to scheduling field service teams? 

Then look no further, because we have the perfect solution for you! 

What you need to get the ball rolling and manage a field service business well is good software. Yes, software. Technology is what makes the world go round these days, and we have to move with it. Good software will help you manage your teams, track their work and hours, contact them during shifts and generate data all in one place. 

Scheduling field service teams has never been easier. All of your employees are in one place, you have a way to get in touch with all of them through the software (which in many cases is a simple app) and all of the jobs that your teams work on are accounted for. \

Why Is Using Field Management Software So Great?

Well, the most important advantage is that it’s easy and you don’t need to have any prior technical knowledge. You can learn to use most software, as long as it’s intuitive and simple.  

Another perk is being able to multitask - but in an organized way. We all want to be able to do a few things at the same time, but we just can’t manage it alone. That’s where good management software comes along. You can combine everything you need to manage your team’s time all from one app or web dashboard. 

And finally, it just saves a bunch of time. Remember when you spent a few hours each evening trying to plan out your teams and their jobs for the next week? Wouldn’t you want to spend that time taking care of some other tasks that require your attention? Now you can. Being able to save a few hours with automated work is the best you can do for yourself and your company. 

What Else?

Besides being super easy and efficient, most software offers a wide variety of services that you can utilize to better schedule your field service teams. Let’s look at the most common ones:

  • Accurate Time Tracking - Knowing where your employees’ time is going is a huge benefit to managing a field service business. You can see every minute on the clock and how it was spent, whether they are working, taking breaks, or even on vacation. 

  • Automated Timesheets - You no longer have to rely on paper timesheets or excel documents where employees have to manually clock in and out to record their working hours. Never stress over misplaced, late, or inaccurate timesheets again.

  • Real-Time Locations - Being able to get real-time updates on your team’s locations and daily movements help you stay in control of your employees in the field. 

  • Track Progress - No more calling your employees a few times a day to check in and see what they’ve achieved! You can instantly see where your team is and what they’re working on, if they’re finished, and track the progress they’re making. 

  • Promote Team Safety and Accountability - It’s not micromanaging, it’s making sure that you’re responsible for the safety of your team when they’re out in the field. 

  • Stay In The Loop - With instant notifications, you can be informed of your team’s work activity and what progress they’ve made. You don’t have to constantly check the app for updates. Let the app notify you.

  • Easier Payroll Process - Save hours of admin work with payroll integrations and automatically emailed reports. This way, you can increase the accuracy of job estimates, know how much to pay your employees, and promote a healthy work environment.

What can Atto do?

Atto can do all of the above, plus more! Here are some of the perks that Atto offers to make your scheduling experience as smooth, accurate, and as modern as possible.

Managed Clock In/Out

One of Atto’s most distinct features is the easy method of clocking in and out. But did you know that you can also assign managers to clock in and out on behalf of their team? For those days when there are a few jobs to do and the whole team needs to stay focused, a manager can clock in for the whole team when they’re in the field, and clock out when they’re all finished. It saves your employees a lot of time from having to track their time individually during stressful and demanding shifts. 


Another great feature that makes time tracking a breeze is geofencing. This feature restricts employees from clocking in until they’ve arrived at a job site. As a result, all timesheets are accurate and you can use the data to get precise job estimates. 

Smart Reminders

Worried about your employees forgetting to clock in and out? Fear no more, as smart reminders are here to save the day. They remind employees to clock in or out at their start and end time, or when they’re at a job site. 

Manual Time Entries

While technology has become so advanced that there are rarely any mishaps, there is still room for human error. What if an employee’s phone gets broken during the job? What if they forget their phone at the office? Well, Atto has you covered. You can allow admins, managers, or even employees themselves the option to add manual time entries to their timesheets. 

Time Off

Everyone needs some time off every once in a while. It’s normal and should even be encouraged. To make administrative work easier, Atto offers the possibility of adding and categorizing entries for time off. For example, they can specify whether time off is paid or unpaid.


You don’t have to use a pen and paper to take notes anymore. With Atto, you can add notes to provide context to time entries, such as a work diary or job information. Everything is stored on the app so nothing is ever lost. 

Overtime Rules

Do your employees need to work a few more hours than their regular working schedule? Set regular working hours per day or week in Atto, and assign any extra hours to count as overtime. Timesheets will accurately depict both types of hours and you will know how much to pay your employees at any time.

There is so much more than you can do with good time tracking software to make your scheduling experience easy, intuitive, and simple. Being able to successfully manage your field service teams will promote a more productive work environment that prioritizes accuracy, accountability, and a positive attitude towards work. When your team has a good leader to look up to, then everyone will be more motivated to work and strive to achieve company goals.

Still not sure whether integrating time tracking software is for you? Why not give Atto a try for 14 days free and test it out for yourself.

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