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April 25, 2022

The value of geofencing in construction


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Tired of paperwork?

Many industries benefit from GPS tracking, but the positive results and ROI are exceedingly apparent in construction. By implementing GPS tracking technology, construction companies can run more efficiently and improve profitability with the ability to track and locate assets in real-time. In this article, we will be juxtaposing the cost of GPS tracking for construction companies with the value and advantages of GPS tracking for this industry.

What you give

The price ranges for construction fleets and vehicles GPS tracking average at $25 to $45 per vehicle, per month. Where exactly the cost of a particular GPS tracking software will fall depends on a number of factors such as how advanced the system is, whether you buy your hardware upfront or lease the whole thing, any additional hardware and/or features you choose to add to your package, and so on.

In theory, the cost of GPS tracking for a construction business is not very much, and we will see this as we examine the value it yields next.

What you get

When you pay for GPS tracking for your construction fleet and vehicles, you are paying for high-end construction GPS equipment to be installed in or on your heavy-duty vehicles and other equipment to track and transmit the whereabouts of your assets. This will offer a wide array of benefits to your construction business and help cut costs in so many ways. Here are some of the advantages that you get from construction GPS technology in detail.

You can optimize vehicle routing

Route optimization is the process of determining the most cost-efficient route for your construction fleet. All relevant factors must be taken into consideration, such as the number and location of all required stops on the route, required arrival times, and so on.

With an effective GPS tracking solution, you can easily map out the best driving routes for your vehicles which will reduce your fuel consumption and overall spending. It will also make sure that the amount spent inside vehicles is as productive as possible since costs are now measured automatically and digitally.

You can easily locate stolen or missing equipment

On average, about 1000 pieces of construction equipment are reported stolen each month to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). Because of their high resale value, thieves often target backhoes, loaders, bulldozers, forklifts, generators, and other valuable assets. Stolen equipment is a very costly loss. The equipment is expensive to replace and theft can cause your insurance costs to rise too. Furthermore, theft can cause project-hampering delays, which could result in missed deadlines and even the loss of a customer.

GPS can aid in locating missing equipment by using real-time tracking. Plus, when thieves spot a GPS tracker on a vehicle, it can serve as the perfect deterrent and discourage them.

You can prevent costly downtime

If you rely on paper-based records to assign your fleet, this can lead to costly downtime because your vehicles will sit idle in-between assignments. You can also experience costly downtime when a vehicle is sent to the wrong job or to a job where it is not needed. Simply put, when a vehicle is not on the job, it is losing you money.

Construction GPS tracking allows you to know when a vehicle in your fleet is becoming available before it happens, so you can make the best use of it with the shortest amount of transition time. At the same time, since you can track all of your vehicles in real-time, you always have a complete picture of what your needs are on every job site.

You can prevent the misuse of vehicles and equipment

It is not uncommon to find employees using work trucks or other company vehicles for personal reasons. Personal use of company equipment increases your liability and can result in increased insurance premiums if an accident should occur. Thus, if personal use is against your company policy, GPS tracking for construction equipment will tell you where and when unauthorized use occurs.

You can improve the safety of your vehicles

With the use of GPS tracking for your vehicles, you can monitor the driving habits of your workers. Reports and notifications are provided chronicling the speed at which your vehicles are being moved. This includes whether they are accelerated beyond the speed limit and if the vehicles have been subjected to aggressive driving like hard turns or stops.

If not used right, vehicles can break down, which can be exceedingly detrimental if you have a full schedule and backlog of projects. Thus, it is important to keep your vehicles safe by ensuring their proper use and maintenance.

Last words

In the world of business, there are important things that an enterprise ought to spend its money on. Amongst these things, the most important of them are the ones that enable the company to make more money and save more money. Effective GPS tracking technology is one of such things.

GPS tracking for construction companies is tech that does not cost much but still offers exceeding value. In our opinion, investing in GPS tracking for your construction company is a wise investment because the value you obtain is greater than the value you have to give. With Atto, not only do you get a killer time tracking tool but a GPS one as well. Atto gives you the best of both worlds: tracking time and location to ensure that your company saves the most money and improves efficiency.

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