Time Tracking for Landscaping Companies

Keep accurate time records while working outdoors.
View every landscapers’ locations in real-time.
Estimate your labor costs for future jobs.
Increase the safety, transparency, and visibility of your crew.
Time Tracking for Landscaping Companies
Time Tracking for Landscaping Companies

"A must-have app for your company"

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Julia Conner

“Would highly recommend for keeping track of your staff’s time”

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Frank Mason

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The grass is always greener with Atto

Ditch paper timesheets and switch to Atto – an easier and more accurate time-tracking solution for landscaping companies


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The grass is always greener with Atto
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Keep track of everything happening outdoors

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Atto is completely mobile – just like your crew

Unlike paper timesheets that can get lost or damaged outdoors, Atto tracks time from the safety of your pocket. At the start of each workday, your crew tap the clock in button to begin logging their hours. During the day they can write notes, track breaks, and switch between jobs they’re working on. And when they enter or leave a job site, or at their normal start and end time, we’ll send them a reminder to clock-in and out.

Track time off and see who’s ready to work
Trust crew leaders to track landscapers’ time
Keep track of everything happening outdoors

Increase the safety and accountability of your landscaping crew with real-time GPS location tracking

Make sure your crew are about to get their hands dirty before they clock in

If you rely on manual time tracking or paper timesheets, it’s hard to verify that workers are turning up on-time. With Atto, you can set the locations of your job sites and restrict workers from clocking in unless they’re within the site perimeter.

Track the locations of your entire crew in real-time
Get a daily summary of each landscaper’s movements
Increase the safety and accountability of your landscaping crew with real-time GPS location tracking

All the reports you need to keep landscaping jobs on schedule and on budget

Prune your costs and keep jobs on budget with wage estimates

Landscaping can be very seasonal and weather dependent, so it’s important to keep tight control of your costs. With Atto, you can add individual pay rates to automatically estimate each laborer’s wages based on the hours they track. What’s more, you can add more than one pay rate per laborer, so that your estimates will still be accurate.

From gardeners to tree surgeons, keep tabs on how much work each team has done
Spend more of your time outdoors, and less of it on admin
Plant the seeds of your future success with precise job bids
All the reports you need to keep landscaping jobs on schedule and on budget

The old way with paper timesheets
Paper timesheets get lost or damaged outdoors.
No easy way to verify time-tracking records.
Time records often get rounded or “guesstimated” resulting in time wastage and additional payroll costs.
Estimating the labor costs of each job is time-consuming.
Finding out where your crew are and what they’re working on requires lots of back-and-forth phone calls.
Lots of admin time is required to collect timesheets, verify records, and enter them into your payroll system.
The new way with atto
Time-tracking data is recorded electronically, and timesheets are automatically created for you.
Using GPS tracking, Atto can provide daily movement summaries of each worker.
Atto tracks time to the nearest second and allows you to restrict your crew from clocking-in until they’re at the job site.
You can input your crews’ individual pay rates and categorize their work using job codes, so you can see if projects are on budget.
You can log in to Atto and see where all your crew are in real-time.
Time tracking data is verified, and timesheets are generated automatically. All you have to do is input the data from Atto into your payroll system.

Built with landscaping companies in mind

Built with landscaping companies in mind
star-Julia Conner – Pennprojects, LLC

"It makes keeping up with my team's hours seamless! It is saving us a ton of time with timesheets and everyone’s getting paid accurately for the hours they’ve worked. "

Julia Conner – Pennprojects, LLC

Get everything set up in 3 simple steps

Atto is designed to be the easiest time-tracking app to use. There’s absolutely no technical knowledge required.

1. Download Atto

Download Atto and create an account. Available on the web, iOS and Android.

2. Invite team members

Invite your crew-leaders, landscapers, and sub-contractors via email or invite link.

3. Ready to go!

Once they download Atto, you’re ready to go!

Help your business to blossom with accurate time tracking from Atto