Time Tracking for Painting and Decorating Companies

Track your painters’ and decorators’ time and location.
See who’s available to work in real-time.
Bill customers for every minute spent on the job.
Accurately estimate your labor costs to win more jobs.
Time Tracking for Painting and Decorating Companies
Time Tracking for Painting and Decorating Companies

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star-Anthony Harp

"This app really does offer everything you need and more as far as time tracking goes. This is an app I highly recommend to all of my friends and family who are running a business."

Anthony Harp

Track all of your painters and decorators throughout their workday

With real-time activity tracking, you can check if your crew is working, on a break, or enjoying some time off.

Easy to use

Clock in and out

Tap the giant pulsating clock in/out button to start tracking time.

track breaks

Track breaks

Track breaks and categorize them as either paid or unpaid.

Manage overtime

Manage overtime

Decide if overtime should be tracked, and if so, whether it’s calculated weekly, daily or daily double.

write notes

Write notes

Add notes directly to time tracking records. For example, your crew can record their job progress, the shades of paint they need, or supplies to be ordered.

Time off

Add time off

Add time off such as vacations and sick leave to help managers understand who’s available. Useful for handling last-minute schedule changes, or dealing with unexpected absences.

Switch between jobs

Switch between jobs

Use job codes to categorize time being tracked. For example, categorize each type of job (e.g. interior decorating, exterior decorating) or type of client (residential, commercial).

Get helpful reminders so your painters never forget to clock in!

When your workers are in the middle of a paint job, it can be easy to lose track of time. That’s why whenever they enter or leave a job site, and at their normal start and end time, we’ll remind them to clock-in and out. And if they happen to forget, they can add a manual time entry for you to review later.

Get helpful reminders so your painters never forget to clock-in

Allow your supervisor to track your painting crew’s time

Painting large properties or doing a commercial renovation requires your crew to work together. Instead of having each painter or decorator track their time individually, your on-the-job supervisor can use Atto to clock in and out on their behalf.

Allow your supervisor to track your painting crew’s time

Keep track of your painting and decorating crew as they work throughout the day

Respond to Absenteeism
Respond to absenteeism and last-minute schedule changes

When a van breaks down, or a painter calls-in sick, you need to be able to deploy other workers to finish the job. Instantly, Atto shows you which of your painters and decorators are nearby and available to work – without having to call around.

Stop painters from clocking in until they’re ready to work
Track the locations of your workers and the progress of paint jobs in real-time
View a map-based timeline of your painters’ and decorators’ daily movements

Everything you need to keep painting and decorating jobs on schedule and on budget

Avoid surprises by forecasting wages ahead of payday

Add your painters’ and decorators’ pay rates and automatically estimate their pay based on the hours they track. Now, there’ll be no more payroll surprises at the end of the week!

From painting to decorating, see how much work each team completed
Eliminate “guesstimates” to bill your customers more accurately
Reduce the admin time taken to run your payroll
Win high-value jobs with more competitive quotes

Say goodbye to paper timesheets!

Switch to Atto, an easier and more accurate time-tracking solution for painting and decorating companies.

The old way with paper timesheets
Paper timesheets get lost or damaged outdoors.
No easy way to verify time-tracking records.
Time records often get rounded or “guesstimated” resulting in time wastage and additional payroll costs.
Estimating the labor costs of each job is time-consuming.
Finding out where your crew are and what they’re working on requires lots of back-and-forth phone calls.
Lots of admin time is required to collect timesheets, verify records, and enter them into your payroll system.
The new way with atto
Time-tracking data is recorded electronically, and timesheets are automatically created for you.
Using GPS tracking, Atto can provide daily movement summaries of each worker.
Atto tracks time to the nearest second and allows you to restrict your crew from clocking-in until they’re at the job site.
You can input your crews’ individual pay rates and categorize their work using job codes, so you can see if projects are on budget.
You can log in to Atto and see where all your crew are in real-time.
Time tracking data is verified, and timesheets are generated automatically. All you have to do is input the data from Atto into your payroll system.


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Get everything set up in 3 simple steps

Atto is designed to be the easiest time-tracking app to use. There’s absolutely no technical knowledge required.

1. Download Atto

Download Atto and create an account.

2. Invite team members

Invite your painters and decorators via email or invite link.

3. Ready to go!

Once they download Atto, you’re ready to go!