Location Tracking

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GPS location tracking encourages accountability and transparency throughout the organization.

GPS Location Tracking

Location History

Job Sites

Optional GPS Tracking

Battery Efficient

Privacy Policy

location updates

Get real-time updates on your team’s location throughout the day. Use this information to maximize efficiency and deploy employees closest to the next job site.

Real-time location updates
Clock in/out location history

Clock in/out
location history

GPS stamped clock in and out locations promote accountability and transparency across your team. Ensure employees start tracking their work hours from the location they’re supposed to.

job sites

Name the job sites or office locations you operate from and generate easy-to-read reports.

Named job sites
GPS tracking, only if necessary

GPS tracking,
only if necessary

Is location tracking not the right fit for you? You can turn it off for the entire team or decide to track location only for employees who are always on the move.

Battery efficient GPS technology

Our unique location tracking technology ensures you are always powered up and there is minimal battery consumption.

Battery efficient GPS technology
Your privacy, our priority

Your privacy,
our priority

Your privacy is our priority. While on the clock, Atto tracks your location only when necessary. As soon as you clock out, location tracking is turned off completely

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