Location tracking

Be in the right place, at the right time

Increase the accountability and transparency of your team with real-time updates on their location.

Track the locations of your entire team in real-time

Track the locations of your entire team in real-time

Boost Productivity

See who’s nearest to a job site, and quickly deploy them – boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

Increase Visibility

Always know where your team is, and what they’re working on without any back and forth phone calls.

Improve Safety

Get peace of mind and help improve your team’s safety as they work in the field and move from job site to job site.

Keep track of your team’s daily movements

Atto’s GPS location tracking generates simple map-based timelines of every employee’s daily movements. This helps you visualize their workdays in a clear, simple-to-understand fashion.

Gain a better understanding of your employees’ workdays
Trace the routes taken and stops made while on the clock
Check how efficient employees are at completing jobs
Identify different activities easily with color-coded routes

Verify your team is working at the right job site

Increase your team’s accountability by using geofencing to restrict them from clocking in until they’re at a job site.

Clock in/out locations are GPS stamped and job sites can be named so it’s easy to read reports and check activity.

Ensure only hours worked are accounted for
Encourage your team to never turn up late for a job
Prevent employees from “buddy punching”
Save payroll costs and reduce time wastage

Your privacy, our priority.

You always stay in complete control of location tracking, providing peace of mind to your employees.

Decide who’s locations are tracked, and who’s aren’t

Location tracking is completely optional. Don’t need it? Disable it! Atto gives you the power to decide which specific employees or teams require it.

Choose which type of location tracking to enable

You get to choose whether you require real-time location tracking, or alternatively, just the locations of where employees clock in and out.

When work ends, so does location tracking

Atto never tracks more than is absolutely necessary. Whenever employees clock out, location tracking is turned off completely.

Our full suite of location tracking features at a glance

Real-time Location Updates

See the location of your entire team of employees as they work in real-time.

Clock in/out Location History

View GPS time stamps of your employees’ clock in and clock out locations.

Named Job Sites

Provide names for specific locations you operate from to make reporting easier.

Location History Tracking

View your employees’ location history throughout their entire day.

Customizable GPS Tracking

Choose the specific employees and teams that require location tracking for their job.


Restrict employees from clocking in until they’ve arrived at a job site.

Built-in Battery Efficiency

Never worry about your battery life being drained with battery-efficient GPS tracking technology.

Break Preferences
Compatible with most mobiles

Use location tracking with most Apple and Android devices – no special equipment necessary.

Job Codes
Privacy Controls

Stay in control of what gets tracked – real-time positions, clock in/out locations, or nothing at all.

Trusted by 10,000+ businesses across 50+ countries globally.

GPS location tracking for any industry

Atto helps all types of businesses across the world to manage their employees’ time.

Time tracking app review
star-Robert Bennett - DPA Cleaning Services, Inc.

"We work in different locations. Atto has saved me much money over the previous way I managed time; piece of paper. It allows me to see the employees’ locations when they clock in and out. Atto is an immediate money saver."

Robert Bennett - DPA Cleaning Services, Inc.

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