Team Activity

Stay in the loop with everything happening in real-time


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View any employee’s status and location in a few taps


Increase team visibility, transparency, and accountability


See clear daily timelines of every employee’s activity


Make team management easier and less time-consuming

See where your team is, and what they’re working on

Never feel in the dark again with team activity updates

Find out what’s going on in a few taps. Get real-time updates on your team’s status and location. See who’s on the clock, on break, or enjoying some time off.

Simplify team

Simplify team management with departments

Organize employees into departments to make them easier to manage. Group them based on their location, job site, or role to see all their statuses at once. Easily keep track of everyone regardless of your company size.

Find out what any employee is up to in seconds

Stay in control of what’s happening. Filter your team based on their current status, the department they’re in, or by searching for their name. Make day-to-day decisions faster with all the information you need at your fingertips.

eliminate back

Eliminate back and forth phone calls and constant check-ins

Increase team visibility and make team management a breeze. Get notified as soon as an employee clocks in or out, takes a break, or edits a time entry.

See your team’s progress at the end of each day

Check on your team’s progress and productivity with clear timelines of everyone’s daily activity. See how long they spend on breaks, jobs, and on the clock. Gain greater insight into their workdays, and use it to speed-up timesheet approvals.


Our full suite of team activity features at a glance


Employee Status Overview

Stay in control of your team’s daily activity with real-time updates on their status and location.


Daily Timeline

See a clear, simple timeline view of every employee’s daily activity.



Organize employees into departments based on their location, job site, or role.

filter search

Filter and Search

Filter teams based on their status, department, or simply search for their name.

smart notification

Smart Notifications

Get notified whenever an employee clocks in or out, takes a break, or edits a time entry.



Allow employees to send messages and share photos 1-1 or in group chats.

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“I appreciate the simplicity yet advance features. Knowing where my team members are and what they are working on allows us to communicate with our devices and takes the human (time) out of the loop.”