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Detailed insights into your team's daily activity give you actionable knowledge that helps you grow your business.

Team Activity Updates



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Detailed team
activity updates

Stay in control of your team’s daily activity with real-time updates on their status and location. Quickly understand where everyone is and who’s on the clock, on break or enjoying some time off.

Detailed team activity updates
Powerful daily timeline

daily timeline

In a clear and accurate timeline view, you’ll get a powerful report of each employee’s daily activity. Everything is tracked down to the second.

Teams organized
in departments

Organize your teams into departments and make tracking every single employee’s activity a breeze. Group employees based on their office location, job site or role.

Teams organized in departments
Advanced filters and search

Advanced filters
and search

Find the employee you’re looking for in seconds. Filter your team based on their current status, the department they’re in or simply search for their name.

Smart Notifications

Our smart notifications keep you informed of your team’s activity at all times. Get notified whenever an employee clocks in or out, takes a break or edits a time entry.

Smart Notifications

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