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Know where your
time is going

Track time towards specific job codes, add insightful notes, take a break or add paid time off hours.

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Time tracking,
where you are

Whether in the office, on the move or at a job site, the Atto mobile time clock provides convenience at your fingertips. Clock in and out from your mobile device and ensure your work hours are accounted for.

Time tracking, where you are
Organized job codes

job codes

Easily allocate time tracked to specific purposes with job codes. Get a better understanding of where your hours are going and tweak your work to get more time for things that matter.


You don’t have to remember how long your break was ever again. While on the clock, start your break with the simple tap of a button and ensure your timesheets are accurate.

Transparent breaks
Insightful notes


Every day on the job can be different. Add notes to each timesheet with as many details as you need and keep your team up to speed with the latest info.

Paid time off

Easily track and manage your team’s paid time off (PTO) needs, whether it’s a vacation, sick leave or personal. Help managers get a better understanding of who’s available and when.

Paid time off hours
Managed clock in & out

clock in & out

Enforce additional control on your team and make sure everyone’s focused on their task. When your team is at the job site and ready to go, managers can clock in and out on the employees’ behalf.

Manually added
time entries

Forgot your phone or ran out of battery? Add or edit time entries manually to ensure all work hours are accurate and accounted for. Manual edits to time entries are flagged and available for review.

Manually added time entries
Helpful reminders


Never forget to clock in or out again. Simply set your work start and end times and get reminders directly on your device.

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