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Spend less time preparing and collecting timesheets and jump straight to what matters - the data.

Simple Timesheets

Activity Review


Change History

.PDF and .CSV Reports


Automated timesheets provide in-depth and actionable insights on your team’s work hours. They are available for review in real-time and include regular time, overtime and paid time off (PTO).

Simple Timesheets
In-depth daily insights

daily insights

Stay in control of your team’s hours. Get a clear understanding of what job they are working on, when they start or end a break and the latest info on their day.

email reports

Schedule your team’s timesheet report straight to your email based on your payroll period. Get peace of mind and receive the information you need, when you most need it.

Scheduled email reports
Time entry change history

Time entry
change history

Has an employee edited an existing time entry? No need to worry, all edits are flagged and original times stored so you can later review and analyze them.

timesheet report

Get all of your data in the format you need. Your timesheet report is downloadable as intuitive and simple-to-read PDF and CSV files.

PDF and CSV timesheet report

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