Key features of our employee hours tracker


Mobile, Web, Crew, and Kiosk Work Hours Trackers


Real-time GPS Location Tracking


Wage Estimates


Automated Timesheet Reports

Logging work hours, breaks, time off, overtime, and more

Whether your employees are working or enjoying some well-earned rest, you’ll always be aware of their work status.


Clock in and out

Tap the giant pulsating clock in/out button to start tracking time.


Write notes

Add notes to your time tracking records, such as a work diary.


Track breaks

Track breaks and categorize them as either paid or unpaid.


Manage overtime

Decide if overtime should be tracked, and if so, whether it’s calculated weekly, daily or daily double.


Switch between jobs

Use job codes to categorize time tracked towards specific purposes – for example for each client or type of job.


Add time off

Add time off such as vacations and sick leave to help managers understand who’s available to work.


“We work in different locations. Atto has saved me much money over the previous way I managed time; piece of paper. It allows me to see the employees’ locations when they clock in and out. Atto is an immediate money saver.”

Stephen Carlson - Coastal Contracting LLC

A work hours tracker for every device, and every purpose

Whether you use our app on the go, our web-based portal in the office, or our time clock kiosk when working in a central location – Atto has a work hours tracker for you.


Time Card App on Mobile

Track time on the go with the Atto mobile app available on iOS and Android.


On the Web

When at the office, track your time using Atto’s web-based time clock.


With Crew Functionality

Entrust managers to clock in and out on all of the team’s behalf.


Via the Time Clock Kiosk

Set up a time clock kiosk to enable your team to track time from a single device.

Coming Soon

An online work tracker that goes beyond just keeping track of work hours

The Atto work hours tracker can keep track of your employees’ jobs, locations, and even their wages.

Track more than just work hours

Job Codes

Employees use job codes to track time towards specific purposes, such as for each client or type of job – making it much easier to see how productive they are.



Track the real-time location of your employees, prevent them from clocking in unless they’re at a job site, and verify that the hours they’re logging are actually being worked.



Input your employees’ pay rates into Atto, and get real-time estimates of your upcoming payroll based on the hours being tracked.

Log work hours and turn data from the employee work tracker into insightful reports

Data from the work hours tracker is used to produce timesheet reports. Use them to see how productive your workers are, reduce the time to administer your payroll, and share them with clients you bill hourly.

Ready-made professional timesheets

A job hours tracker for any industry

Atto helps all types of businesses across the world to manage their employees’ time.

Time tracking for anyindustry

Who is the Atto job hour tracker built for?

Atto can help businesses of any size keep track of time, from individual tradesmen and solo-freelancers, all the way to large enterprises.


Common Questions

Time tracking for field workers