The simplest timesheet app for small businesses

Don't let timesheets be a distraction. Focus on what matters and let us do them for you.

Time tracking
anytime, anywhere

Whether in the office or while on the move, time tracking has never been simpler. Just tap a button to clock in and start tracking your time.

While on the clock, you can track time towards a job, add notes or take a break.

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Time tracking anytime, anywhere
Location tracking, in real-time

Location tracking,
in real-time

Get real-time updates on your team’s location. Mobile GPS tracking helps you ensure everyone is safe, productive and in the right place at the right time.

Your privacy is our priority. Location tracking turns off as soon as you clock out.

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Actionable insights
that help you grow

You will never be in the dark again. At a glance, find out where your team is, how long they’ve been working and what they’ve been working on.

Your team’s daily activity contains all the info you need to run your team while on the move.

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Actionable insights that help you grow
Simple, accurate timesheet reportsw

Simple, accurate
timesheet reports

Empower your team with automated timesheets and get accurate reports, including regular time, overtime and paid time off (PTO).

Never second-guess your timesheet report’s accuracy again.

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All Features

Everything you need, in a single platform.

  • Simple Time Tracking

    Just tap a button to clock in and start tracking your work hours.

  • GPS Location Tracking

    Get real-time updates on your team’s location throughout the day.

  • Automated Timesheets

    Generate accurate timesheet reports, including regular time, overtime and PTO.

  • Organized Job Codes

    Allocate time tracked to specific purposes with job codes.

  • Transparent Breaks

    While on the clock, start a break and ensure your timesheets are accurate.

  • Insightful Notes

    Add notes to each timesheet with as many details as you need.

  • Team Activity Insights

    Find out where your team is and how long they’ve been working.

  • Paid Time Off

    Track your team’s PTO hours, whether personal, vacation or sick leave.

  • Manual Entries

    Add or edit time entries manually to ensure all work hours are accounted for.

  • Emailed Timesheet Reports

    Schedule timesheet reports straight to
    your email based on your payroll period.

  • Named Job Sites

    Name your job sites and generate
    easy-to-read timesheet reports.

  • Departments

    Group your team into departments
    and stay organized.

  • Battery Efficient GPS

    Ensure you are always powered up and
    there is minimal battery consumption.

  • Offline Compatibility

    Keep your timesheets updated,
    even when out of service.

  • Smart Notifications

    Get notified when an employee clocks in/out, takes a break or edits their time